Translation services

CLS Lexi-tech is the North American leader providing translations that read like originals

For years, a wide range of clients has relied on our experienced and specialized teams of translators. Your texts are translated and systematically revised exclusively by professional linguists and native speakers of the target language.

A process you can trust
  • We LEARN about your corporate culture, your products, services and goals;
  • We DEPLOY a dedicated team of professional resources to handle all aspects of your projects in all languages;
  • We MANAGE your account on a full-time basis with professional project managers and state-of-the-art, proprietary software;
  • We TRANSLATE by harmonizing the experience and skills of our human resources with the efficiency of our technological resources, and;
  • We GUARANTEE the quality of all of our services through an ISO Quality System Certification.
We build client loyalty by ensuring quality each and every time

Delivering a consistent level of quality for our clients requires significant investment in people and technology. CLS Lexi-tech clearly demonstrated its commitment to quality when it obtained an ISO Quality Management System Certification.

  • All translations are systematically revised by experienced in-house editors and revisers
  • Your style guidelines are implemented consistently throughout each text
  • You receive a polished translation that is ready for immediate use

Revision and proofreading services
You supply the text - we will add the finishing touches and ensure it is error-free

A final draft isn't ready for print prior to revision and proofreading. Our senior revisers, editors and proofreaders will provide a complete linguistic review of style, terminology and grammar, taking into account your linguistic preferences.

  • Your individual wording requirements will be incorporated into the text
  • We help you avoid misunderstandings, vague language and ambiguities
  • You can rely on your text being error-free: with no spelling, syntax or semantic errors
Terminology services
Consistent terminology is the key to achieving a professional image and enhancing the clarity of your communications

Your company has its own style and image. CLS Lexi-tech will help you manage your terminology to ensure that your language is properly and effectively portrayed throughout your documentation.

  • We develop, maintain and continuously update client-specific translation memories using state-of-the-art translation memory software
  • We can host and disseminate your terminology databases internally and/or externally
  • We offer the services of full-time terminologists who can populate and provide constant support for all of your databases
The art of combining your own corporate language with industry-specific terminology

Our terminologists will help you create your own corporate glossaries and terminology databases. Our linguists will use these references in conjunction with specialized dictionaries and industry-specific resources.

  • Your documents will project the essence of your corporate image while respecting your industry's specific terminology
  • We aim to minimize research time
  • All linguists have desktop access to all major online dictionaries and industry-specific terminology references
Translation memory software; a translator's best friend

Most companies create hundreds if not thousands of communication products each year. As your language partner, CLS Lexi-tech guarantees consistency and accuracy of all text within a document and from one document to another through the use of translation memory software (TMS).

  • TMS works interactively with the translator's workstations in building a sentence-by-sentence database of translations performed on a project enhancing quality and consistency and increasing productivity
  • CLS Lexi-tech was a pioneer in the use of translation memory software in North America
  • We use the latest tools available in the industry
Machine translation
Enabling communication – our machine translation services will help you understand

Thanks to our secure system, you can instantly understand e-mails, meeting minutes and websites written in any language. Our machine translation solutions offer:

  • A quick and easy way to understand everyday communications in any language
  • A completely secure and confidential system
  • An option to add your complete glossary
  • Highly competitive pricing
When technical accuracy is of critical importance, our TACT professionals will be ready to serve

You can trust our industry experts to provide linguistic validation as well as professional advice on key terminology issues. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.