Desktop publishing services

You have a final document; now, we'll help you make it look even better

CLS Lexi-tech has a complete in-house DTP department. Our DTP specialists will make all translations look like originals. You will receive a print-ready file every time.

  • We handle virtually any file format, including word processing, electronic publishing and tagged file formats
  • Our team can provide web-ready documents in HTML, SGML or XML for your website
  • We offer DTP as a stand-alone service or as part of a translation project
Final proofs – one final look before going to print

With so many languages and cultures, the slightest error can reduce the effectiveness of your documentation dramatically. Our specialists will review your final typeset document to ensure it is properly localized and formatted for its target market.

  • Whether we perform a final proof as a stand-alone service or at the conclusion of a larger project, your document will be error-free
  • Having native linguists do a final proof will ensure that subtle mistakes are detected
  • Your style requirements are always respected throughout
Putting the right words into just the right format

CLS Lexi-tech’s DTP services also include:

  • Hyperlinking documents with full, text-search capability
  • Printing – high speed and high quality
  • Scanning – optical character recognition and graphic
  • Multiple communication channels – including email
  • FTP and portable digital media
  • In-house software developers and technical staff
  • Multi-operating systems – including Mac OS and Windows