Business Philosophy

Our "Clients First" business philosophy revolves around the following five principles:

1- Building strong partnerships:
In these relationships, we work with each client to understand their particular requirements and hence implement complete and customized solutions to respond to them.

2- Hiring and developing the best people in-house:
Having a large dedicated team of linguists on-staff distinguishes CLS Lexi-tech from competitors who delegate most of their business to a network of freelancers.

3- Innovating through technology:
CLS Lexi-tech has invested heavily in technology in order to help our translators improve quality and increase productivity. Our strong financial backing enables us to acquire new technologies as our clients’ needs evolve and as technology improves.

4- Providing value-added services:
A final product is only as good as the production process. All CLS Lexi-tech clients are given full-time project management, translation memory management and technical support services.

5- Ensuring quality through documented procedures:
We build client loyalty by ensuring quality. CLS Lexi-tech clearly demonstrated its commitment to quality in 1999 when it received an ISO Quality Management System Certification.